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Retiring in Belize

Belize Retirement is not nearly as expensive as you may think. While not the cheapest country to live in, Belize is a sub-tropical paradise and offers many benefits that will surely fit your budget as compared to the other Caribbean/Central American countries.

Belize is an amazing and unique country. Anyone considering retiring in Belize would benefit from touring the country in its entirety; each district has a distinct flavor and individual pros and cons. Despite the varying cultures, Belize is in fact the only country in South America or Central America that predominantly speaks the English language.

In 1999, the Belize House of Representatives passed the Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act. This act is aimed at attracted retirees in Belize. Retirees aged 45 or older are qualified for this program. The Qualified Retired Persons program also would benefit your spouse as well as any children under the age of 18 (or older if the child is still in school). The Qualified Retired Person program offers approved tax-free entry for the retiree, their family, as well as 1 motor vehicle and all your household goods. 

Living in Belize can improve your quality of life as well as your health. Belizeans live and eat healthy, as they have ready access to unprocessed foods, fresh fruits, fresh fish, locally grown organic non-GMO vegetables. In addition, the Belizean lifestyle is all about slowing down and enjoying life. There are endless things to do and see. Though a relatively small country, Belize has diverse landscapes; including forests, mountains, jungles, islands, rivers and beaches. You will never tire of the endless beauty and diversity of this sub-tropical paradise!

Retiring in Belize can be an amazing and wonderful experience. Retirees can expect to spend their golden years in peace and comfort in Belize. Belizean people are hospitable, family-oriented, and welcoming to foreigners. It is a common occurrence for strangers to “hail the time of day”, (cordially and warmly greet each other) as they pass. You’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer place to retire.

Retirement in Belize offers benefits that you can only enjoy here. Retire in Belize and you can find unexpected, refreshing and often rewarding ways to occupy you time and your mind. There are endless reasons to retire in Belize instead of other countries. Contact us today for more info, or to schedule a trip to come down and see for yourself!